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13 Lessons

Hall of Accomplishments

Hi, Friend!

You are a pretty big deal around here and we want to celebrate you! Keep up the good work and as you reach specific milestones we will add your badge to this Hall of Accomplishments! 

We can not wait to see your name up here! Let's show everyone you mean Business! 

Hall of Accomplishments

Yes! We have marked certain milestones during the workshop where we want to celebrate you for actually doing the work! 

When you have reached these milestones, you will see confetti sprinkle all over your screen. Sometimes it will unlock a badge that we add here to the hall of accomplishments with your name on it, or you could unlock one of the following incredible bonuses. Not in any particular order, we like to surprise you! 

  • Shop layout template page, showcase all your products
  • About page copy (fill in the blanks) template with a styled layout page
  • Two Sales page layout templates
  • Lead Magnet Template Pack - Andrea of Sparkle with Grace
  • Instagram link page
  • Styled blog archive layout page
  • Starter Guide to Branding - Sneha Designs

 I told you it would be worth it to do the work! The only thing standing in your way is the army of squirrels that steal time. Please make your website a priority, and let's finally get it up and running full steam ahead into the holiday season and new year! So how do you unlock these bonuses? Sneha has created checklists that accompany each unit. You can download these checklists or fill them in online and post a picture of them in the Facebook group, Telegram Channel, or in an email to me at

Once we see your completed checklist, we can send you the bonus! Remember the confetti over your screen? Some of these bonuses will unlock once you complete specific tasks in the lessons within each unit. 

So what is keeping you? Let's get to work!

Lessons for this unit 13
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