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No need to stress over tech glitches—let's tackle them together!

Hey there,

I see you're determined to conquer your business's tech challenges, and you're in the right place! 

I specialize in making WordPress dance to your tune, taming email service providers, deciphering the Google Analytics maze, and even leading you through platforms like Leadpages, Thrivecart, Shopify and many more. The Canva magic? Oh, that's part of the package too!

But wait, I'm not just your troubleshooter; I'm your tech planning companion. Together, we'll make informed tech tool choices and map the perfect platform and application route for your business.

Let's make tech a breeze with one of the following packages:

30 Min Tech Rescue


Feeling tech lost? Jump into a Tech Rescue (30 min) session, where I provide quick 30-minute help to tackle problems head-on or answer your questions.

Let's get over the hurdle together ♥

Tech Coaching 1 Hour


Ready to level up your digital skills? Join me for Tech Coaching (60 min), and we'll spend an hour navigating the tech world, learning new skills, and boosting your digital confidence.

Tech Intensive 2 Hours


Take a deep dive into your tech requirements with a Tech Intensive (2 hours). In this 2-hour session, we'll coach, troubleshoot, and find tailored solutions for your business tools.

Full Day Tech Help

For an immersive tech experience, reserve a Tech Partner Day (6 hours).

Over a full 6 hours, we'll achieve your tech goals—be it

  • setup,
  • fixes,
  • design,
  • migration,
  • or learning.

Let's make your tech ambitions a reality!

Makes it less stressful

Yes!! The live zoom sharing screen is invaluable!! It helps to jump thru the hoops!!
Having the videos all organized is heaven sent!! Makes it less stressful!! Thank you Yolandé
-Veronica Lee, Magic Theme Parks

Exactly the assistance I needed

So happy I found FeatheredVine! I desperately needed help with the structure of my website and this was exactly the assistance I needed.
I loved having Zoom calls to specifically talk about certain page and design features I wanted.
Most importantly, I learned to how add design elements so I can continue to work on my website independently once the groundwork was finished!
Highly recommend!

- Anna Ezollo of

Specialized TECH LOVING CARE Services

Crafted with Care: Website Design for You and with You

With Blog-in-a-Box, we've reimagined the website creation journey. 

Our mission is simple: to provide you with a meticulously crafted website that not only reflects your unique vision but also empowers you to manage it with confidence. 

It's a harmonious blend of expertise and partnership where we design for and with you.

Ready to work side by side with me? 

I understand that you're looking for targeted support to help your business grow quickly. You don't have time to waste figuring out complex technical issues, and that's where I come in.

With my step-by-step approach, I can help you navigate the tech world and focus on the areas that matter most to you, such as website maintenance, funnel building, optimizing your offers, and running ads.

Client Case Study

Yolandé stands out in her ability to create solutions to tech issues and business opportunities

I met Yolande while struggling to build a WordPress site for my new online business. FeatheredVine provided me with a solid WordPress site built with Kadence Blocks. During the process, Yolande provided excellent tech skills coupled with a keen strategic mind.  

Once my site was built and integrated with several applications, I realized that I still needed some tech loving care.

I've benefitted greatly from Yolande's one-on-one coaching. Whether it is in an online meeting, email, or through a recorded instructional video I am able to both solve my business challenges and also learn how to do things myself. She is a great sounding board and is always staying current on trends and how to apply new applications.  

Yolandé stands out in her ability to create solutions to tech issues and business opportunities...all with amazing integrity and warm personal interactions. I always feel empowered and encouraged through my interactions with Yolandé, which is a 180 from the stress that I used to feel in the tech space.  


Karin Semler—co-founder of

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